Welcome to this daftar exness weblog by Roy Jones. Here you'll find the diary of a backpacking trip through Latin America, musings on life, living as an expat in the Caribbean, as well as plans for a bicycle tour through Europe and beyond.

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AM-F15.01.10 - Core - 3 rounds: 10x AW-rollout, 20x reverse crunches, 30x chinnies, 10 x lying leg raises.

Golf at Apes Hill

I played my first 18-hole round at Apes Hill just before Christmas. As you can see from the photos, the course is nothing https://exness-id.net/ short of spectacular.

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Sleeping Bags Purchased…

To keep exness login up with the lists of equipment purchased, I have a couple of items to add to the list.

First are the sleeping bags. These were bought from Alpkit, and are the Skyehigh 800 for me, and the Skyehigh 1000 for Yami.

Here’s a couple of photos of Yami testing her bag out…

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Flying From Barbados To Dominica

Recently I had to go to nearby Dominica as part of work, and as luck would have it, the bosses private 4-seater plane was available, so I got to take a trip from Barbados via St Lucia in style.

Here are some photos from the plane;


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Guest Interview: Derek Johanson

Derek Johanson – entrepreneur and owner/writer of popular blog Live Uncomfortably – has recently completed his first bike tour, and has kindly agreed to do an interview about his experiences whilst cycling.

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More Equipment Purchased…

Although there hasn’t been much activity here for a while, I haven’t neglected planning for the tour. Following on from the previous entries regarding purchasing equipment here’s another entry about the latest purchases, namely a tent, a camera and some handlebar bags for the bikes.

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Around The World On $2

Who says it takes a lot of money to travel?

Keiichi Iwasaki has spent the last eight years travelling. In that time he has managed to cycle across half the world, yet he set out with the equivalent of US$2 in his pocket. He makes money along the route by doing magic tricks on the street.

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Business Travel to Guyana

A few weeks ago I travelled to Guyana on a few short trips with work. I stayed a few days each trip, the majority of the time spent in or around Georgetown, however we did travel to Linden, about 100km south of Georgetown, away from the coastal plains into the rainforest.

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Link Love – Touring Blogs

Travel blogs are not only an interesting read, they are useful to research places & equipment for anyone planning a trip. I regularly read a number of blogs, and as there is not much going on with my own tour at the moment, I thought it might be a good idea to post some links to other sites to read in the meantime.

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Making a Soda Can Stove

A few weeks back I had a few old cans lying around, so I made an attempt at a soda can stove, in truth only to see how it would work.

For anyone not sure what a soda can stove is, Wikipedia give a good definition…

A beverage-can stove (or pop-can stove) is a homemade, ultra-light portable stove. The simple design is made entirely from cans (typically soft drink or beer cans) and burns alcohol, typically denatured. Countless variations on the basic design exist.

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Random Photo (3): Esquel, Argentina

The third in the series of random photos from 11 months in Latin America comes from National Park Los Alerces in Chebut Province, Argentina. The park takes its name form the Alerce tree, which only grows in this part of the world. These trees are some of the oldest living trees in the world, some being over 3,000 years old.

Aside from the Alerce trees, the park has numerous lakes and rivers, and an abundance of trails for hikers. Well worth a trip if you are in this part of Argentina.

Mirador over National Park Los Alerces

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