22 March 2005

weekends away

I was sitting at work on friday, casually surfing the net - as is my inclination to do - when I happened to visit Ryanair, who were advertising 500,000 free seats. I am a big fan of these giveaways, having visited Rome & Turin on previous occasions, through similar offers.

I started looking at availability and came across flights to Gothenburg on the 14th April for three nights, for the princely sum of approximately £30. Bargain. I decided to book it, which I promptly did. So thats my big news. I am headed to Gothenburg for three nights in mid-April. Thursday to Sunday. Weekend Away.


16 March 2005

further blog developments

I have got some of the links up and running (top right hand side of the page), which I hope will give more of an insight into the plans and preparations for my little trip. I’ve also been trying to the make picture above randomly generated, and hence different, everytime someone visits the site, but I haven’t quite got that one worked out yet. No matter, I will in time.

I will be posting some pictures up soon so readers are able see who the man behind the blog is, but I haven’t got any recent ones, so you will have to wait until I take some. When I start travelling, I will try and incorporate the pictures I take into the entries as I go along.

Thats about it for now.

14 March 2005

L is for love

Thursday night drinking is for winners. Friday morning hangovers are for losers. I was both a winner and a loser last week.

Around came Thursday, and it was decided that Godders, Godders Jnr, Smithy and myself would head on into territories unexplored and discover the delights of Braintree, and more precisely, Chicago Rock Cafe. Godders decided he would drive over and allow the rest of us to partake in some alcohol. I think this was mainly due to his upcoming break in the sunnier climate of Gran Canaria, and his desire to actually have some spending money whilst there!


10 March 2005

whats it all about, alfie…

Having recently seen the remake of the film “Alfie” starring Jude Law (and I must admit, loving it) I have just thought of the title for this entry.

Whats it all about then? Well if you will allow me to explain without thinking that I have really bad taste in films, the purpose of this blog will eventually be to convey my travelling stories and diary in a fashionable, witty and charming manner. Hence the ultra modern blog, and off-the-wall writing style. Well I have got the modern blog part up and running, the off-the-wall writing style is something I hope to develop at some point in the future!


9 March 2005

…in the beginning

So this is it. Welcome to the blog, weblog, travelogue, or any other kind of log you can think of. It’s taken a while, and a lot of me thinking “…i really don’t know what the hell I am doing with the whole website thing,” but I think it is now accesible and if (in the unlikliest of events) anyone ever should stumble across this site, they should see all my efforts! Well that is the effort of the good people who have designed the format for this page and actually installed the stuff onto it that I need.