28 April 2005


I have been looking for a way of putting a different picture up on the site everytime someone logs on (as you should see on the top right of this page), and this neat little plugin for wordpress is exactly what I wanted.


My poor IT skills couldn’t get it to work, so I posted a comment on the site asking for help, got a reply immediately and it was up and running within the hour. Superb.

16 April 2005

dorm culture

After waking up slightly fuzzy headed and a little tired, I was pleased to note that I hadn’t created a disturbance when coming back to my dorm the previous evening. I went to breakfast with Nick and a Scottish lad who was travelling around Europe on a railpass. He had arrived on friday afternoon but didnt come out with us as he was on a budget and had blown it all the previous day in Copenhagen.


15 April 2005

happy days

The three Aussies headed off to Stockholm to catch a flight that evening, and I was alone in the city for pretty much the first time since I had arrived. I took the advice of one of the lads and hired a bike to explore, and set out to see the sights that Gothenburg has to offer.


14 April 2005

welcome to sweden

After waiting in the airport, taking the 1 1/2 hour flight to Gothenburg City Airport and catching a bus to the city centre, it was time to find somewhere to stay for the three nights I was to be in Gothenburg.

Unortunately for me, it began raining as soon as I left the bus station. After about an hour, soaked and tired, I managed to find the Tourist Information desk, and after taking a tram through town I arrived at a hostel. Ten minutes after I got to the dorm I was staying in, three Aussie guys came in and started telling me about the city and we got to talking about the hot Swedish chicks that were out in abundance the previous evening. There is nothing like talk of hot Swedish chicks to brighten the spirts on such a dreary day!


13 April 2005

new york new york

I booked my flight to start the big trip last night. I now depart on 20th September, rather than the 15th which I had originally planned. No problem. What’s five days between friends!

London to New York. Heathrow to JFK. Kuwait Airlines. £230 return. I won’t use the return flight as I will be heading into Mexico, but it is a ticket out of the country, which is required for US Immigration and saves me having to go through the rigmorole of buying a Visa (I can now be a part of the Visa Waiver Programme). Besides I dont think I could get a one-way ticket for that kind of money anyway.

10 April 2005

gothenburg approaches

I am off to Gothenburg in four days, am starting to look forward to it now. I think I am heading there alone, but thats not a problem, it just creates an opportunity. Quite what the opportunity is, I am yet to discover, but hopefully it will be fun.

I fly on Thursday 14th April around midday, arriving in Gothenburg early afternoon. I plan to find somewhere to stay (whilst utilising my shiny new YHA Membership Card in order to gain a discount) and then head out, find my bearings and explore the city. No itinerary, just go with the flow. I would like to know what there is to see and do but I am finding information a little scarce on the intranet.

I return to England on Sunday evening.

lost for words

No entries for the last few weeks, had a lot going on which really made me think about writing, and putting ones thoughts and feelings into words. I did plan to write about these last two weeks but I have decided not to.

Thanks for the support of my friends. You know who you are.