17 May 2005


Got a few little bits and pieces done, I’m now immune to Yellow Fever after having the jab on Saturday morning, cost a cool £65 for the jab and initial consulation. I’m going to get as many as possible done on the NHS as it will work out a lot cheaper, like FREE cheaper.

Also have got the backpack I’m gonna be carting my worldly possessions around in, well my sister and brother-in-law got it for me as a birthday present. Thanks again Ian & Roz.


6 May 2005

flash git

I don’t want to carry a laptop with me everywhere I go, and as a result I’ve been thinking about the best way of updating the site by using internet cafes and I think I have come up with a decent idea. Typing what I have written is pretty straightfoward, but I think inserting the photos and links into the writing (as well as uploading the photos in the first place) is going to be the time consuming thing, especially on dial-up connections.

Here’s my idea….