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29 June 2005

decision made

I decided to take option b) and turn down the job.

My main reason being that I think right now at this time is the perfect time for me to take this trip. I’ve just finished my university course, I’m at a break in work as my current project has finished, I’ve no house(mortgage), no serious girlfriend and no commitments.

The main drawback to going now is that I’m a bit concerned about if I’ve got enough money, but if I don’t take the plunge now, at what point does enough become enough? I am also a little concerned that if I leave my job for a couple of years, will I be able to get back into a company at the same level as I am now, or will I have to take a step backwards. Perhaps I won’t even want to come back to the same kind of job? I guess I’m gambling on the fact that I’ll be able to fall back into some kind of decent job when and wherever I decide to work again.

Maybe I will. maybe I won’t. Maybe if I’d taken the job in Dubai I’d have met the girl of my dreams and in three years I’d have all the things I mentioned I didn’t have above. But then again, I wouldn’t have travelled and seen some of the amazing things that the big wide world has to offer.

So I guess that, is that. Decision made. Travelling it is. No looking back, The Americas here I come.

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