30 June 2005

team usa

There have been changes to the plan. I am to be joined in the US by at least one, and possibly three mates. We are going to fly to New York, spend four nights there (frequenting a club named PopBurger), then its off to Las Vegas for three nights, staying in the Stratosphere Hotel & Casino. From Vegas its a 4/5/6 hour drive in a rental car to Los Angeles, where we’ll spend two nights before heading down to San Diego for another two nights. I think thats 11 nights in all. From San Diego the lads will head back to New York to fly home and I will catch a bus down into Baja Califonia.

Roll on September……

29 June 2005

decision made

I decided to take option b) and turn down the job.


23 June 2005

job offer and decision

A couple of weeks ago I recieved a phone call from an employment agency specialising in international recruitment. They had an interesting position in Dubai for someone of my age and experience. Excellent I said, lets give it a whirl, see what they’re offering. Anyway to cut a long story short, I went for an interview and have been offered the job.

What shall I do?