job offer and decision

A couple of weeks ago I recieved a phone call from an employment agency specialising in international recruitment. They had an interesting position in Dubai for someone of my age and experience. Excellent I said, lets give it a whirl, see what they’re offering. Anyway to cut a long story short, I went for an interview and have been offered the job.

What shall I do?

Option a) Abandon my plans for travel for a few years and take the job.
Option b) Turn the job down and take my trip as planned.

Both have their draws, both have their drawbacks.

I believe that Dubai is a very good opportunity for me to progress (in terms of career) and to get international experience, however the wage is not what I had hoped for. It would also be quite cool to be an expat!

On the other hand I wont get any wage at all when travelling (in fact I’ll end up flat broke!), but I will be gaining by experiencing things other than being a Quantity Surveyor in an office routine. Then who knows, maybe I could be an expat in a few years, either as a QS or something else that takes my fancy.

Decisions, decisions….

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  1. Roy – saw you comment on my site, glad to have you. Englands been a great time so far, but so damn expensive. I wish I had some more time to really give it the due it deserves.

    Nice work on your site by the way – I like the layout.

    As for the job – I say turn it down… but then again I’m still trying to figure out how to never work again!


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