22 August 2005

final week of commuting

Although I haven’t posted anything on here in a while, the trip is still going to happen.

This is my last full week at work. I handed my notice in at the start of the month and my last working day is the 1st Sept. Work were pretty cool about the whole thing and have said that when I get back, I should give them a call and if there are any jobs available they may be able to sort me out with something, which is a bonus. Its an option anyway.

Its less than a month until the whole thing kicks off, and ever more increasingly I seem to be awake at 3am, worrying about stupid little things, but I’m putting all those nerves down to an eager anticipation, rather than dread.

The flights are booked, the initial hotels are booked, the brand new 10 year passport has arrived and the injections are nearly complete (three rabies jabs still to come). That leaves me roughly three weeks from when I finish work until I leave for New York to determine what I’m going to put into my backpack and cart half way round the world. Shouldn’t take that long.

I also need to get rid of some of the crap that has accumulated at the bottom of my wardrobe, so if anyone out there is after a Playstation 2, some economics textbooks or even three years worth of notes from an economics degree(!?!), keep an eye out on eBay over the next few weeks!

Aside from that, just a quick reminder: Flan and Dave - get your asses in gear and book your flights back to New York or you’ll be stranded on the beach in San Diego, with nothing but bikini clad girls to keep you company.