I am officially unemployed. I finished last Thursday, and I must say that after two working days of being unemployed, its great!

We leave two weeks tomorrow, I’ve just ordered my malaria drugs, and I’m working out what other things I need but haven’t got. No last minute panics just yet, but to be honest, it isn’t really the last minute.

Thats all I have to say for the moment, thought I’d post just to keep things ticking over.

5 thoughts on “unemployed”

  1. Good question. There are two hostels that seem ok, Banana Bungalows & Ocean Beach International. Have a look on hostelworld.com

    Also, can you print out that reservation for the hostel in NY just so we have a copy.

  2. I haven’t had an e-mail for the hostel room. The deposit has been paid, cos the money has come out of my bank. Could you get in touch with them to send a conformation e-mail to either you or I??

  3. Hi Roy!

    Just come across your site – WOW! Is all I can say! My brother recently went travelling to South East Asia where he met a tribe that intiated him into the group by blowing into his testes! Thankfully they deflated after time and he is now a full member of the tribe. Watch out for these pitfulls on your travels Roy, In a situation like my brothers the only thing that can save you is to be well hung. I hope you are well hung Roy!

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