Mexico: Viva la Solo Travel

by Roy

Day 12 1 October 2005

After leaving the boys at San Diego Airport, I was on my own. I thought in my infinite wisdom that getting as far away from America and plunging myself straight into this travel lark would be the way forward, so thats what I did.

I went straight to Tijuana via bus and train. Then I just walked straight over the border and into Mexico. Didnt show my passport, didnt do anything. Just walked over a bridge and then I was in Mexico.

As soon as I got into Mexico I knew it was a completely different world from the past two weeks. I walked about 300 metres, looked around and thought to myself: Right, what the hell do I do now.

I decided to get into a taxi and go to the main bus terminal, buy a ticket for a place about 500km and 12 hours away, which happened to be Guerrero Negro. The bus left about 5 minutes after I boarded, and then the nerves kicked in. I started reading my Lonely Planet book and realised I needed a tourist card. I didnt have a tourist card.

The book said I needed to do it at the border. I was on a bus heading 500km away from the border. Great start Roy, great start. I decided to stay on the bus and try to sort it out when I got to Guerrero Negro. If worst came to worst, I could always get another bus back, 12 hours!

The 12 hours on the bus were kind of spent in a half sleep, half constant worry sort of thing. Worried about the Tourist Card, worried about arriving in a town after dark, worried about stupid stuff. But I guess you do worry when you´ve been up all night drinking then get on a bus into Mexico.

Anyway, the 12 hours went by, I arrived in Guerrero Negro and I went straight to street vendor (it was busy Mum, dont worry about food poisoning!) and ate a hearty 3 taco meal. That made me feel better. Then I checked into the hotal across the road. Which made me feel better still. Then I had a shower, and got into bed. I was too tired to worry anymore, I`d have to sleep instead. So thats what I did.