31 October 2005

Guanajuato: Hostel Vs Hotel

Day 35 - Monday 24th October 2005

Basically I spent the day travelling from San Luis Potosi to Guanajuato. I got on a 2nd class bus by mistake, which made what should have been a 3 hour journey last 6 1/2 hours. Saved myself US$3 though.

I also checked into a hostel which was really poor compared to the one in Zacatecas, which leads me onto the topic of the day, Hostels Vs Hotels.


30 October 2005

San Luis Potosi: Moving Again

Day 34 - Sunday 23rd October 2005

I neded to leave Zacatecas. I had been meaning to get out of the town for a few days, but the lure of one moeday had kept me there. I made myself pack up and get to the bus station, but after buying my ticket the bus never showed up.


Zacatecas: Chill Time

Days 31, 32 & 33 - Thursday 20th, Friday 21st & Saturday 22nd October 2005

I had originally planned to spend only two nights in Zacatecas but I was having a really good time just hanging around and doing not much. Also Tuesday and Wednesday had been let downs in terms of nights out, and I was in the mood for a big night. The owners of the hostel we were staying in (Hostal Villa Colonial - very good hostel, very well run, friendly and good facilities - definately recommended) informed us that Thursday evenings were busy so I thought why not hang around for one more night!


Zacatecas: Silver City

Day 30 - Wednesday 19th October 2005

It was 1548 when the Spaniards founded a settlement in Zacatecas. They promptly started mining operations, extracting silver from the mountainside that dominates the skyline above the city. Once extracted, the silver was sent in caravan loads to Mexico City. This trade inevitably made the owners of the mine very rich, and they in turn eventually invested some of this wealth back into the town by commissioning some amazing buildings.


26 October 2005

Zacatecas: Colonial

Day 29 - Tuesday 18th October 2005

I had heard good things about the colonial city of Zacatecas, and it has a name that rolls right off the tongue, so I got on yet another bus journey and arrived mid afternoon. After not really having any contact with any other travellers for a few days I decided to stay in the hostel in town where I would hopefully be able to meet some.


25 October 2005

Guadalajara: Tequilaville

Day 28 - Monday 18th October 2005

I woke up around sunrise so I could visit the town of Tequila to have a look around the place that makes 60% of the worlds supply of the drink of the same name. After catching the bus (1hr 30mins) we arrived and I promply signed up for a tour of one of the factories that produces the drink en mass.


24 October 2005

Guadalajara: Musuem Time

Day 27 - Sunday 17th October 2005

Musuems in Mexico are generally free to enter on Sundays. I thought that this would lead to them being fairly busy, so I got up to be the early bird and catch the worm before the masses tried to eat him as well. Making the most of my time, I dropped my laundry off for a service wash while I looked at the history of Mexico in the Museo Regional de Guadalajara & the Instituto Cultural de Cabanas. Unfortunately cameras were not allowed inside either musuem so I had to settle for using my freshly charged batteries on the streets. The center of Guadalajara is quite compact, with most of the tourist attractions located around the impressive cathedral.


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