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24 December 2005

Antigua: Christmas Plans

Day 91 - Monday 19th December 2005

With only 2 school days until Christmas I began to seriously consider where I was going to be at for the festivities. Since the beginning of the trip I had thought about being in the Bay Islands (Honduras) learning to scuba dive, but since I had learnt this at the lake I had kind of put that plan out of action.

Of course I could still have gone to the Bay Islands and simply dived, but due to my three weeks of Spanish classes and the scuba course, I still had a few things I wanted to see in Guatemala. Therefore I put aside the idea of diving at Christmas and thereby leaving the country. My second option was to stick around for a few days then head back to Lake Atitlan where I would have a few mates to spend the festive period getting drunk with. I ran into said mates on Monday afternoon in Antigua (they had arrived from Xela the previous evening), and after a few beers in the afternoon with those guys, my plans were cemented. The plan would be to spend Christmas in a pub which was serving a Brit style Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, brussel sprouts included.

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