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2 February 2006

Boquete: Back to David

Day 130 - Friday 27th January 2006

The rain hadn’t eased up in Boquete when we awoke, and not feeling much like putting wet clothes bacxk on and going hiking again we caught a bus back to the heat of David. This only took about an hour and arriving around lunch we went straighgt for some rotisserie chicken and then to the air conditioned internet cafe.

After checking my email I din’t feel like using the internet so I went back to the hostel (back at the Purple House!), where everyone was sitting around doing not much. Someone siad he had heard there were some waterfalls to swim in nearby. It being another hot day we thought it would be a good way to spend the afternoon so we took a taxi 4km out of town to the site of the waterfall.

I didn’t take my camera so there are no photos but it was a pretty little spot, where a small current of water fell about 10m into a river. For some reason someone had decided to build a bar and dancefloor on the riverbank. The water fell from some small cliffs and the local daredevils had taken it upon themselves to dive headfirst from the rocks into the shallow waters below. Although it was a pretty cool sight I didn’t particuarly want to crack my head open (as it seemed you would if you didn’t dive correctly) so decided to forego the diving from the top of the waterfall, and instead contented myself by playing on the rope swing for most of the afternoon.

As the sun began to go behind the trees, casting a shadow over the river and waterfalls, the people began to drift away. We decided that we’d had enough of swimming and returned to the hostel to prepare for Friday night in David. We finished the customary bottle of rum anda few beers before getting a lift to the local hotspot, La Boom.

It turned out to be anything but hot. It reminded me of a naff birthday party where the hosts have hired a hall way too big for the event. The room was filled with tables and it resembled a school dinner hall, with a bar. After a few minutes we decided to go next door to play pool andwait to see if it filled up, but after an hour or so of pool we returned to much the same scene.

We decided to get a taxi and go home, however the Lithuanian we were with decided that it was too early for hometime and began to tell the taxi to take us to different clubs in town. Afdter checking them out (none were good) the taxi driver siad he knew a $10 whorehouse. Not particuarly up for catching any tropical diseases we declined and the taxi driver took us back to the Purple House.

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