28 February 2006

Peninsula Valdes: Wildlife Spotting

Day 150 - Thursday 16th February 2006

A Swiss couple, a Polish guy and myself hired a car for the day to go and see some of the wildlife on Peninsula Valdes, so come 8am we were at the offices of the hire company collecting our chariot for the day, a Vauxhall Corsa.


27 February 2006

Puerto Madryn: Ozone Free Sunbathing

Day 149 – Wednesday 15th February 2006

I had thought about cycling to a place named Punta Loma, 17kms away, to see a colony of sea lions, however when I woke it was already roasting and after finding out it was predicted to reach 100F I decided that it was too hot to be contemplating the bike ride.


Puerto Madryn: Unexpected Playas

Days 147 & 148 - Monday 13th & Tuesday 14th February 2006

Not wanting to overstay my welcome and having enough of the big city, I made up my mind to catch a bus south to Patagonia. Martin gave me a lift into the centre where I bought a ticket to Puerto Madryn, a mere 19 hours distant.


Buenos Aires: Soccer Crazy

Day 146 – Sunday 12th February 2006

I woke up pretty early considering, however this probably wasn’t a good thing as I wandered around in a tired daze for the early afternoon. That was until Sunday roast was served. Argentina style.


Buenos Aires: Nocturnal

Day 145 – Saturday 11th February 2006

After getting in at 6.30am I decided not to spend another day wandering BsAs. Instead I had a little lay in, until about 2pm. When I eventually got up Martin was about to go play and play another game of 5-a-side and he invited me along again.


26 February 2006

Buenos Aires: More Aimless Wandering

Day 144 - Friday 10th February 2006

I decided the city needed some more time devoted to wandering, so I devoted the day to doing just that. Lucia dropped me off at the train station and I made the 30 minute trip into the city centre to get started.


19 February 2006

Buenos Aires: City Tour

Day 143 - Thursday 9th February 2006

Lucia and I got up early and set off for the city centre to go on a bus tour of the main attractions. For a while the traffic was bad and we didn’t think we’d make it but in the end we got there with time to spare as the tour was late seeing off.


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