Salta: Out of Town Experience

Day 183 – Tuesday 21st March 2006

Having made myself a promise to see more of nature and to get out of the towns, I explored my options and decided upon a little walking in the hills of the nearby village, San Lorenzo. I was informed there were a few decent trails and a waterfall where I could take a chilly dip.

I took a bus 12km out of Salta to the village. As I wasn’t too sure where the hiking trails began I jumped off at what seemed as good a place as any and started walking. As luck would have it, someone had been decent enough to put a Tourist Info office smack bang in my path. I asked for, and was pointed in, the direction of the trails, and stopping only to buy provisions for lunch I began hiking.

The first trail I took followed the course of a small stream & felt sure it wouldn’t be long before I found the waterfall where I could strip down to my swimmers and jump into the cold water. This wasn’t to be the case. An hour later, after following a trail which became less and less obvious I still couldn’t hear the telltale sound of falling water. I decided this wasn’t the right path and turned back to the starting point of the trails.

I made it back and started out on a new trail, one that was a lot more obvious and was evidently used by horses, judging by the huge amounts of manure on the path. The path was pretty clear, but I still managed to lose it on occasion when my mind wandered off. I managed to miss a turn or two and had to double back until I found the main trail again before continuing.

Eventually the trail left the river and although I wanted to see the waterfalls, I opted to follow the trail uphill in the hope of reaching a lookout point or a decent view. After clambering uphill for 45 minutes I was yet to come across a decent photo opportunity or lookout point. The views out over the gorge were all partially obscured by the trees. Deciding I had had enough of the uphill malarkey I stopped at one of the obscured views to eat the provisions I had bought earlier. As I was eating two locals passed by on their horses, leading them back down the pathway. I drew my conclusions that this wasn’t a pathway leading to a vista, but a pathway leading to settlement. Not really wanting to visit it, I turend around and headed back down the hill.

Once I reached the river I carried on walking along it with the diminishing hope of seeing the waterfall, but it was all to no avail. I bit the bullet and decided the waterfalls didn’t want to be found so I called off the quest and heqaded back to Salta, disappointed I hadn’t found them, but glad I had left the town, at least for the day.

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