Salta: Changing Travel Style

Day 182 – Monday 20th March 2006

Not particuarly enjoying the ricketiest bed in the world and the noisiest road in Salta I moved my things to a hostel down the road and went out to see some of he things I hadn’t bothered to see the day before as I had slept most of the day!


Always a fan of a decent lookout point I caught the cable car to the top of the hill which dominates the east of Salta. The ride up took 8 minutes exactly (so the ticket said, I didn’t time it) and rose to about 300m above the city streets. Salta is situated in a large valley and although it was a bit hazy I could just about make out the hills on the other side of said valley.

As so often seems to happen when I start wandering around a town I find myself drawn to the main central areas and more often than n0t start milling around the shopping districts. After seeing quite a few towns they are starting to blend into one another. The main plazas generally have a statue of a mounted soldier from the days of independence and the shopping areas sell three main types of goods; shoes, underwear and photocopying services.

Not particuarly in need of any of the above services I found myself wandering and bored. When it gets to this point I generally eat something. I have therefore decided I need to get out of the town and see some more of the countryside. I have seen enough of towns and not enough countryside so I am making it my aim to start doing some more hiking and generally things that are not in towns or cities.

Happy with my decision to change the things I am doing and see more of mother nature I was happy to have an early night in preparation for some out of town experiences the next day.

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