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1 May 2006 16 Comments

Day 194 - Saturday 1st April 2006

As we awoke in the village we found out just how remote it was - nothing around as far as the eye could see. At breakfast we were informed that our replaccment jeep would arrive at around 1pm. Naturally we assumed that would be more like 3pm.


To pass the time we played volleyball with some of the locals, which was fun but we got absolutely dicked! 5-0. An embarrassment! Milling around town we began to get a bit anxious and hoped that the replacement vehicle would arrive promply, even arrive at all! As lunchtime came and went there was still no sign of the jeep and our spirits all began to sink rather rapidly. By the time 4pm came around and there was still no sign of the jeep and we were all sat in silence contemplating the world and our situation.

For me all I could relate the events to where were prison or Siberia! Never having been (and never wanting to go) to prison I felt utterly stuck and helpless, just waiting around for my release time! I knew it would turn up but it was still difficult for me to think about the isolation. We were basically confined to quarters as there was nowhere to go.

The sense of relief was overwhelming when at 5pm the jeep rolled into the town and we were able to get it loaded up and back onto the road. Our driver, in full racing overalls was a jolly chap and as we set off he was all apologies and smiles, which brightened us up.

It took around 2 hours until we arrived at what was supposed to be the first nights accomodation. These 2 hours flew by though as we were overjoyed to be out and back on the road. By the time we got to the hospedaje, it was absolutely pissing down and after a quick dinner there wasan’t much to be done so we all went off to bed ready for the 5am start.

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  • Roy (author) said:

    Hi all, long time no post, havent really felt up to it, mixture of getting diary stolen (along with passport and bank cards lol!), having to re-write it all, and too many nights out on the town.

    Hopefully motivation has returned now, we will see. I’ll probably do a summary of the last few weeks as there hasn’t been a lot going on, Peru has been a bit of a disaster travel wise, but a success in spending money and getting drunk.

    Fingers crossed I can pick my passport up this week in Lima and then its northward bound for me…..

    Congrats HCC 1st’s on a ripsnorting start to the season.

  • Mannequin Man said:

    Alright Me Old!!

    Devastated to hear the news in the above comment! I know what your like, so positive the motivation will be back with avengence!?! My Final week in California, so feeling pretty down myself! I’m moving Squadrons with the promotion, so miss out on these Stateside trials!!
    Hope you got plenty of pics on these drunken nights in Peru and look forward to hearing about the return of your passport! Keep us updated marra! Peace out!

    OC mit Joker: Return to the homelands 8th May, will bell you both up soon. Roll on the Big Smoke!!!!!

  • Lyn said:

    Hi Roy
    Looks absolutely stone age how far were you from the next town/city, have you a picture of the place you stayed/slept in.. your look cold in the photo..the people in that village sound very nice..
    ** HAPPY BIRTHDAY ** for the 3rd Love you xxx

  • Liz said:

    Hi Roy

    Just wanted to say Happy Birthday to you! Hope you are well.

    Take care
    Liz x

  • steven said:

    Happy Birthday Roy all the best and West Ham should beat Tottenham this Sunday and then go on to be F.A. Cup Winners.lol.x.

  • OC said:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATE - All the best!

  • roz said:

    happy birthday

  • SMITHY said:

    Happy Birthday mate - the baby is due tomoz (thursday) so I will keep ya updated!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Joker said:

    Happy birthday mate. hope your good!

  • Roy (author) said:

    hi folks, gracias for the birthday wishes, think it may be a big night…we will see.

    We will also see about west ham on saturday, hopefully they will be nicely dispensed and then Ronaldinho will score a hat trick as Arsenal get thumped 3-0! Only after liverpool have a field day next sat of course lol!!!!!!!

    Good luck smithy, hope everything goes well and you have a bouncing boy with 10 fingers and 10 toes…….love to lisa…..

    Mum: thanks for sending the cards, just about to go collect them now….the nearest town was probably about 20 miles away, but it was the same as that. No idea how far the nearest big town was…too far!

  • Ian said:

    Happy Birthday mate.

    Hope you’re having a better week than me! Last week we lost 4 Afghan soldiers in a bombing, yesterday an Afghan soldier ran over one of the interpreters, nearly killing him (under both wheels and smashed pelvis)and today another Afghan wrote off 3 vehicles in a crash inside camp!

    Stay safe.

  • Julie and Dave said:

    Hi Roy,
    Not been keeping up with you much lately but had to say Happy Birthday,will try to catch up soon.Sorry to hear about your passport etc. Going by your brother-in-law’s message, I think he must have taught the Afghans to drive!!
    Take care mate and have a good one.Love from Julie and Dave.x

  • julie said:

    Happy Birthday x x x xx x

  • roz said:

    hey steven
    how are you?
    are you still in SA or in London again?

  • pistol pete said:

    Hello old boy, my apologies for the late birthday wishes, I have had a few things going on and to be honest forgot, but hey were still mates, and I did apologise. Glad to see you are keeping well, I will be cheering on the spurs tommorow, but its not looking good for you! In case you didnt here, ruddles mclaren is england coach. I think they would of been better off with scolari, wenger, hiddink etc not that i am bitter. I suppose he is english, but no other positives. Till the next time……..

  • Mannequin Man said:

    Alreet marra!!
    Ditto to Pistol’s from above!! I’ve just arrived back in Vegas for the weekend as I fly home on Sunday, so not had any geek net access this week! Belated wishes my good man!! Hope you had a blinder!? Can we hear all about it!??
    Gonna leave Viva in style tonight, so I’ll forward on any pics of the action!! Take care. Peace!

    Ian: Hope my boys are still providing some quality Close Air Support for you, and not letting the frickin Spams take all the glory!?!
    Take care of yourself out there mate!!
    Slot me a Raghead!!! Peace!!

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