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8 May 2006

Salt Plains: Snow? I don’t like that!

Day 195 - Sunday 2nd April 2006

5am came around pretty sharpish. There was a little suprise waiting when we got up as well - 2 inches of snow! As we set out about an hour later we sat in the back freezing our nuts off. That pretty much sets the scene for the entire day!


We began by driving up and over one mountain pass, then we were given the option to take the easy way or the hard way. Easy way every time.

It didn’t actually turn out to be that easy though. We got stuck. Lots. In actual fact we didn’t get stuck so much, it was the other jeeps we were with. Our driver, in his full racing suit kept getting out and digging everyone else out. We began by helping but not having warm clothes it was too cold and my feet were soon soaked. The Hi-Tec squash just didn’t stand up to it.

At first it was all a big joke but it soon got tedious to sit there for an hour while we tried to get up hill. Which happened a couple of times. We made it over the pass by lunchtime, having come about 15km in 5 hours. Stopping for lunch was a relief but it was so cold I didn’t really enjoy it.

After lunch we were given another easy or hard choice, and again we went for easy! Another bad choice. After about an hour we were driving next to a river and we nearly tipped over. The driver then decided it was too dangerous to continue that way so we returned the way we came, to attempt the hard way.

It turns out the hard way wasn’t actually that hard. It was probably easier than the easy way. We made it up and over a pass at 5,000m ASL before descending down past a huge lake and making it eventually to a hospedaje, but it wasn’t where we were originally going to stay, we hadn’t covered nearly enough ground for that…..

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  1. Hi everyone, kind of stuck in Lima, the British Embassy are making a meal of giving me a new passport so I am sitting, waiting, watching until they pull their fat lazy fingers out and do their jobs. As you can tell I am happy about the situation…….

    Posted by Roy on:
  2. Keep ya chin up mate!!!!!!!

    Posted by SMITHY on:

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