9 May 2006

Salt Plains: Ups and Downs

Days 196 & 197 - Monday 3rd & Tuesday 4th April 2006

We awoke to much better weather - sun shining, no clouds. This put me in a better mood. I reckon I must have some kind of SAD syndrome going on. It was a totally different landscape from the day before, desert plains and the only snow in sight was atop the peaks that rose maejstically above, seeming close but in reality miles away.


8 May 2006

Salt Plains: Snow? I don’t like that!

Day 195 - Sunday 2nd April 2006

5am came around pretty sharpish. There was a little suprise waiting when we got up as well - 2 inches of snow! As we set out about an hour later we sat in the back freezing our nuts off. That pretty much sets the scene for the entire day!


1 May 2006

Salt Plains: Sent to Siberia

Day 194 - Saturday 1st April 2006

As we awoke in the village we found out just how remote it was - nothing around as far as the eye could see. At breakfast we were informed that our replaccment jeep would arrive at around 1pm. Naturally we assumed that would be more like 3pm.