27 July 2006

Lima: Waiting for a Passport

Days 227 to 235 - Thursday 4th to Friday 12th May 2005

I had planned on staying in Lima over the weekend, so not having been able to collect my Passport wasn’t so much of an issue, more of an inconvenience. The other thing I needed to collect whilst I was in Lima were my ATM cards. They had been Fed-Ex’ed to me in Lima (Cheers Mum and Dad) and arrived within three days of benig sent. They went from London to New York to Atlanta to Florida to Caracas to Lima in the space of Friday to Tuesday.


26 July 2006

Lima: Birthday Time

Days 224 to 226 - Monday 1st to Wednesday 3rd May 2006

After waiting around in Arequipa for the whole day we caught an overnight bus to Lima. This bus began with such potential! Comfortable seats, decent legroom and right at the front. I was hoping after Bolivia and Peru for a decent bus to travel in comfort. Unfortunately as we left Lima and got into the country, this became yet another horrible journey.


15 July 2006

Colca Canyon: Big Birds and Big Canyons

Days 222 & 223 - Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th April 2006

After a few hours sleep I got up ready to go on the Colca Canyon trip with Aaron & Jon, but they were nowhere to be seen, having not returned from going out the previous evening. I was ready to go on my own and went to watch Man Utd Chelsea while waiting for my bus to pick me up. To my suprise Jon was already watching the game, having not bothered to go to bed he was also waiting for the bus.


7 July 2006

Arequipa: The White City

Days 218 to 221 - Tuesday 25th to Friday 28th April 2006

After waking up late we made our way directly to the bus station without passing go. We hopped on a bus to Arequipa, a nine hour jaunt, meaning we would hopefully arrive sometime around 9pm. Things didn’t start to well as we we found out - more by luck than judgement - that we had to change buses in the middle of the journey.


4 July 2006

Machu Picchu: Amazing

Day 217 - Monday 24th April 2006

I think it was a 4.30am get up as we needed to catch our train to Machu Picchu at 5.30am. Staggering halp asleep through the streets of Cusco as they were just beginning to fill with people we found the train station easily, aware that for the past few days we had been coming home at this time rather than just getting up and starting the day.


Cusco: Getting Things Organised

Days 213 to 216 - Thursday 20th to Sunday 23rd April 2006

After a rather restless night I was up pretty early trying to sort out my situation. First port of call was the Police station to file a report of theft, as nothing could be done without one. After a few rudimentary questions I was told it would be ready for collection the following day. The only other things I could do were phone my insurance company and let them know I would be making a claim, and go to the British Embassy to collect the forms for a new Passport.