4 September 2006

Taganga: Bye to Sweden, Hello to Shakira

Day 255 – Thursday 1st June 2006

Check out was 11am. Come 10.45 we rolled out of bed and quickly tried to pack our things up and leave. I decided that I wanted to go to Cartagena and hang around there for the 10 days until my flight to Panama, so it would be goodbye to the Swedes until much later in the year when we had planned to meet up in England to take in some lash action.


2 September 2006

Taganga: Beach

Day 254 – Wednesday 31st May 2006

Waking up again a little fragile, it was straight into the sea to clear the head. The cooling water worked its magic yet again, and that together with the fruit juices made me feel almost human again.


1 September 2006

Taganga: Hard Times

Day 253 - Tuesday 30th May 2006

It is amazing how a little dip in the sea can clear your head after a night on the rum! For that reason the sea was my first port of call after rolling out of bed mid morning. Then it was fruit smoothie time and more reading and generally doing nothing. The Swedes and I were in surprisingly good form after a few too many the night before, but that was mainly due to our location and the fact that we had absolutely nothing to do for the whole day except sit on the beach and throw the little kids who kept pestering us into the sea.


Taganga: Adios Aaron & Jon

Day 252 - Monday 29th May 2006

Aaron and Jon had to get to Bogota for their flight to Rio via Santiago before heading back to England, and they wanted to see a few places in Colombia along the way, so in order to have sufficient time to make it worth stopping and seeing they had to be off. So mid morning the six of us separated for the last time on this trip. We had travelled together off and on since Salta, Argentina in late March, and here we were in the north of Colombia in late May, a huge distance over two months and some great experiences.