14 November 2008

Cartagena de Indias

Days 256 to 265 – Friday 2nd to Sunday 11nd June 2006

Where the blog left off, I had just arrived in Cartagena. I arrived on the Thursday evening and I had a flight to Panama booked for the following Sunday. For whatever reason I decided to hang around the city for the weekend, and then I kind of got stuck, and didn’t move anywhere until I took the flight to Panama, 10 days later!

I stayed in the Getsemaní district just outside the old city, in a hotel that for about £2 a night was clean and had a ceiling fan. The downside was the partitioning walls were plyboard! That and the area was a haven for druggies, prostitutes and the destitute.


10 November 2008


Hmm well, wow. Two years have passed since I wrote my last piece on this blog. Two years!

I have been thinking about what to do with the website for a while, and in browsing I decided that even before I can think about what to do next I have to finish the first piece and get the rest of the trip journal completed.

I don’t think it will be feasible to write about individual days anymore as my thoughts and memories look to the trip only with nostalgia. I struggle to remember my emotional state on any particular day, therefore to describe thoughts and feelings of those events would not be a true reflection of my thoughts and feelings of the time.

Therefore I will simply write about where I happened to be and when I happened to be there, adding in few photos along the way. Hopefully I will also write a little conclusion at the end with maps and favourite places etc.

There you have it, a very short reintroduction to roylloydjones. All that’s left to do is publish the rest of the trip….