Plod Forever

“Plod forever, but never believe you are going to get there.”

Those are the words that Sir Ranulph Fiennes used to motivate himself on his third attempt to climb Everest.

At the age of 65 he shows us all that if we can control ourselves mentally and not allow negative thoughts to creep in, our bodies are capable of much more than we would ever believe.

Sir Ranulph Fiennes

The Cost of Travel

“I’d love to travel, but I just don’t have the money.”

Have you ever heard anyone saying anything along these lines? Maybe you’ve even said it yourself.

Whenever I hear something like this I am reminded of a common misconception that all travel is expensive. I estimate that two people, on a self supported bicycle tour, camping four or five nights a week, cooking their own food, and abstaining (in the main) from alcohol, could theoretically live on an average budget of $10 a day. I do not expect that we will be able to live quite as frugally on our tour, as the odd splurge here and there keeps us sane and enjoying ourselves.

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Buying Equipment

Its official. I have started buying things for the tour.

On Thursday I ordered two sets of Panniers, the Altura Fusion 40 in red. Evans Cycles had a good deal on at £50 for the pair, so I decided to take advantage and order them there and then.

They arrived at my parents house on Saturday.

I have updated the equipment page in the ‘Planning’ section of the site, there is now a downloadable packing list for anyone planning their own tour.