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[14 Jul 2009 | One Comment | ]
Link Love – Touring Blogs

Travel blogs are not only an interesting read, they are useful to research places & equipment for anyone planning a trip. I regularly read a number of blogs, and as there is not much going on with my own tour at the moment, I thought it might be a good idea to post some links to other sites to read in the meantime.

Bike trip, Lago Atitlan, Guatemala

Name – Bicycle Touring Pro
Site tagline/description – Inspiration for a new generation of bicycle travellers
Where in the world? Currently in Montenegro, Albania And Kosovo
Latest …

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[10 Jul 2009 | No Comment | ]
Making a Soda Can Stove

A few weeks back I had a few old cans lying around, so I made an attempt at a soda can stove, in truth only to see how it would work.
For anyone not sure what a soda can stove is, Wikipedia give a good definition…

A beverage-can stove (or pop-can stove) is a homemade, ultra-light portable stove. The simple design is made entirely from cans (typically soft drink or beer cans) and burns alcohol, typically denatured. Countless variations on the basic design exist.
To find out more about soda can stoves, …

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[9 Jul 2009 | No Comment | ]
Random Photo (3): Esquel, Argentina

The third in the series of random photos from 11 months in Latin America comes from National Park Los Alerces in Chebut Province, Argentina. The park takes its name form the Alerce tree, which only grows in this part of the world. These trees are some of the oldest living trees in the world, some being over 3,000 years old.
Aside from the Alerce trees, the park has numerous lakes and rivers, and an abundance of trails for hikers. Well worth a trip if you are in this part of …

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[8 Jul 2009 | 6 Comments | ]
Eating tacos in Mexico

My first experience of the real Mexican taco came at about 9pm on 1st October 2005 in Guerrero Negro, a dusty town in the middle of Baja California, famous for salt production and whale spotting.
Having spent the previous 12 hours on a bus from Tijuana, I badly needed sustenance. My day had been spent it a state of perpetual worry, as I had managed to walk across the border without completing any formalities at all. I was illegally in Mexico. Not the best way to begin my first solo travelling …

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[2 Jul 2009 | 3 Comments | ]
Content for Successful Travel Blogs

What constitutes a good travel blog?
How much information should be included?
Which topics do people like to read?
Do you read for information, enjoyment, curiosity or something else?
I have recently started thinking about developing a structure for blog entries, trying to formulate an outline of what posts will be like, partly to work out how to structure things so I can think about subjects as I’m cycling, but mainly to give readers an insight into how the blog will take shape. This process will hopefully make writing entries easier and less time …