More Equipment Purchased…

by Roy

Although there hasn’t been much activity here for a while, I haven’t neglected planning for the tour. Following on from the previous entries regarding purchasing equipment here’s another entry about the latest purchases, namely a tent, a camera and some handlebar bags for the bikes.

I opted for the Robens Voyager 2 tent. I chose this make and model as it is a good size, a relatively light weight at 2.6kg, and has a waterproofing level or Hydrostatic Head of 5000, which compares very well to other tents in that price range which come in at about 3000.

Robens Voyager 2

I’ve also bought a camera, a digital SLR so I can take some better photos of this trip. I went for the Nikon D40x, an entry level digital SLR camera that gets good reviews almost everywhere.

Roy's Camera Selection

The handlebar bags were from Halfords, seems ok, here is a link to them.