The Big Bike Ride Begins…

After much deliberation, planning and research, and also a long time spent in the Caribbean, its now time to begin our Big Bike Ride. We’re all packed with (hopefully) everything we’ll need, and ready to leave. We’ve enjoyed the last month in England, preparing and seeing family and a few friends, but its now time to begin the trip, not least as we want to get underway before the temperatures dip into single figures.

The last few weeks has been interesting as we’ve managed to get all the things that we needed – both clothing and equipment – to start the tour at this time of year. I think its been especially annoying for our postman, who has had to frequently deliver packages I’ve ordered from eBay and Amazon! I’ll do an update on the obligatory equipment list over the coming days.

Our plan is to head out from my house in Suffolk, England and make our way to the continent via the ferry from the Port of Harwich to Holland. From there we will make our way towards Turkey, with the intention of reaching Istanbul by Christmas. Our planned route is posted here. I plan to update this page with actual route taken as well.

I can’t remember exactly when I began to think about doing this trip, but its been on my mind for at least a few years now anyway, and as I sit here writing this, it hasn’t really sunk in yet that from tomorrow I’ll be back to the lifestyle of living out of a bag for the next few months. Oh well, fingers crossed everything goes smoothly for our first few days as we head into Europe via East Anglia and Holland!

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