Altmühlsee to Pappenheim


DAY 26 – “Welcome to Bavaria! Where do you come from? How far do you go?” We stopped to chat to the cycle tourist who overtook us in the middle of nowhere, somewhere about ten km north of Treuchtlingen. On the last day of a short, five day tour of the area to visit some of his business clients, he would be returning home to Nuremberg later that afternoon.

It turned out he owned a company that arranged cycle holidays for German and Dutch clients, and every year did a short tour to visit some of the hotels that his clients stayed at during their tours.

We talked for about ten minutes, in which we told him that we were enjoying the Bavarian countryside and that cycle touring isn’t really that popular among Brits, before he carried on and sped away. We passed him a few times during the day, saying hello each time.

We carried on the Altmuhl route, following the river as it grew. The day remaining cold and overcast, but we warmed ourselves up with a cup of hot oolong tea (thanks Sasha!) during lunch in a park in Treuchtlingen, before stopping about 3pm in Poppenheim and setting up the tent. Being Sunday, everything remained closed. We cooked up our pasta dinner early, wandered up to the ruins of the town’s Berg (castle)  and settled into the tent as soon as darkness fell and the temperature dropped at around 6:30pm.

We only managed 45km that day but after riding 85km the previous day, I didn’t want to push it too far. The Altmuhl route from Poppenheim was supposed to be very scenic so we planned to make a good day of it the following day.

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