Bacharach to Mainz


DAY 16 – The morning mist returned, giving the river an eerie feel, especially when trains passed, breaking the silence with a deafening roar. We packed up as quickly as we could while trying to stay warm, and set out to continue along the Rhine for the last day, with Mainz our destination, before taking a rest day and changing course to  follow the Main River.

Jut like the previous day, the sun broke through the clouds in the late morning, revealing blue sky and more castles. The river turns to the east at the end of the UNESCO world heritage section, and at Bingen we bought an early lunch of sausage sandwiches from a local café. During lunch the weather turned, and the cloud cover returned, sending the temperatures plummeting once more.

We used a ferry to cross the river for the first time since just before Bonn, and rode along the left bank towards Mainz. The route in this section was a bit of a disappointment after the highs of the previous day and we rode steadily towards Mainz, trying to knock off the km’s as our tired legs cried out for a rest day after 5 days of cycling.

After a couple of  hours we arrived in Mainz and after a short uphill slog (not particularly welcome after the days riding) we found the hostel, and booked the last two remaining beds, which unfortunately were in separate rooms. Tired and not wanting to search for a better option we settled for this and each ventured to our separate room!

We reunited a short time after, walking the 2km into the city centre to find some food and having a look around.

An eventful day over, we retired to our rooms early.

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