Bonn to Koblenz


DAY 14 – After a good nights sleep, made better by the knowledge we were tucked up in bed inside while it poured outside, we were treated to breakfast, another entertaining chat and many more cups of tea, before we packed up and left Ludwig and Louise in peace. We’d like to thank them for their excellent hospitality! Another Warmshowers success!

We left Bonn and rode down the right side of the Rhine towards Koblenz, our destination for the day, some 70km distant. The day started brightly, albeit  bit fresh, but as the morning wore on it warmed up. Off in the distance were the first hills we had seen since hitting the continent, and were an indication that we would soon be passing through the UNESCO world heritage site that covers the Romantic section of the Rhine river, with its deep valley gorges and hilltop castles.

Before we reached that however, we had to reach Koblenz. On our journey we passed through some lovely villages, notably Remagen, where we stopped for lunch, eating our ham and cheese sandwiches in the sunshine, sitting on the bank of the river, and Konigswinter on the left bank, where we saw the first of many of the hilltop castles.

Remagen is also famous for being the first place the allied forces were able to cross the river Rhine in 1945. As the German soldiers retreated, they systematically destroyed every bridge on the Rhine to slow the progress of the Allied forces. The bridge at Remagen was the only one the Allies managed to cross before it was destroyed. Unfortunately for those who did manage to cross, the bridge collapsed shortly after, killing a number of US soldiers.

The afternoon passed much as the morning, peddling and taking in the scenery of the Rhine and the villages that border it. We arrived in Koblenz and were guided to the campsite by a passerby who indicated the way on our maps was wrong, and he cycled with us through the town, explaining repeatedly in German that there was construction work going on, and to follow him. We did and he guided us directly to the campsite, which was a big help as we probably would have gotten lost on the way in!

We set up camp in one of the most expensive campsites yet at Euro19, but albeit one of the nicest, both for location and facilities. After a disagreement while cooking dinner (both tired, hungry and grouchy) we ate in stony silence, but soon cheered up with our bellies full!

Yami was also exceptionally pleased that the camp site had laundry facilities and she was able to fulfill her washing requirement for the day!

I sat in the tent and wrote a couple of blog posts while Yami tended to the laundry, before we settled in for a night that promised to get pretty chilly.

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