Cologne to Bonn


DAY 13 – Andreas had to go to work, but he kindly left us the keys to his apartment so we could venture into the city centre and take some photos (as we hadn’t had chance when we’d arrived the previous evening) without having to move around with our fully loaded bikes. After having breakfast and saying our goodbyes to Andreas, we crossed the Rhine and went back into the city centre, and took our photos of the Cathedral an surrounding area, as well as the bridge with the locks.

With only 35km or so to ride that day, we took our time and left Cologne around midday, heading south along the left bank of the Rhine, towards our destination for the day, Bonn, the capital of the old West Germany.

We had arranged another Warmshowers host for the evening, this time with Ludwig and Louise, a Dutch couple who had themselves just returned from a six-month tour of Eastern Europe.

The sun came out for the beginning of the journey and our we made good time before stopping for lunch at a small Marina. We had almost reached Bonn when we saw our first ferry crossing the river, and with our hosts house being on the other side, we took the chance to take the ferry, which held about six cars and a few foot passengers.

We arrived in Bonn and found our hosts house just as the weather turned grey and the temperatures dipped. Ludwig and Louise gave us a warm welcome and plied us with tea and cake, before Ludwig took us on a short tour of the main attractions of Bonn.

We returned just before dark and ate a great lentil and bean soup which really hit the spot, and chatted with Ludwig, and later Louise (who went off to a presentation), about their trip and various places. We were made most welcome and passed an entertaining evening, and the warm bed in own room was too good to be true, especially for the second night running!

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  1. Nice Pics!!!) Autumn in Europe is amazing) So, you are moving in direction of Frankfurt) Waiting on new posts. By the way, England-Poland 1:1, and don’t tell me about our results:)

    1. Hi T.E.E.G.
      I see you are enjoying the World Creole Festival at the moment. Don’t drink too much Kubuli, it will make you weak….

      1. That’s what I am thinking) it is 8 p.m, my wife is already sleeping drunk after party in the office, but I am ready to drink kubuli somewhere else) Think will join Irish company at stadium…

        P.s Don’t ride fast)))

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