Into Central Netherlands

DAY 4 – A reasonable night’s sleep, disturbed only by the strange industrial sounds of the Port of Rotterdam meant we were fresh and anxious to get moving, although we didn’t manage to leave Rotterdam until gone midday after getting packed up and trying to find a map of Holland in the city centre.

Our early departure meant the tent didn’t get a chance to dry off properly from the early morning dew. I see this will be a frequent occurrence , especially at this time of year. The mornings are also pretty chilly with temperatures staying in single figures until about 10am or so. A taste of things to come as we move into October and November, and a reason to move south as quickly as possible.

I bought a map of Southern Holland which has enough detail to find my way along the bike paths that cover the country, and we set off , leaving the city to the East, passing through suburbs which must be where the well off of the area reside, as the houses were all large and impressive, each surrounded by networks of  small dykes which creates thousands of private islands!

It took a few hours to reach the town of Gouda. We only stayed long enough to buy lunch in the local supermarket, but the town was pretty, and being Saturday and also market-day, and busy too.

After a lunch of bread, cheese, ham and a Nutella type chocolate spread, we left Gouda and cycled along Route LF4 which passes though central Netherlands from Den Haag to Arnhem. This section had us riding alongside a canal, with yet more impressive properties at it banks.

We arrived at our campsite in Woerden, Camping Batenstein, in the late afternoon and set the tent up quickly to catch the last rays of sunlight, which managed to dry out our damp tent from the morning dew in Rotterdam.

Being Sunday the following day, we planned a rest day in Woerden. We took a walk into the town centre and were impressed with the place, although there wasn’t much happening in the bars which line the central square, which didn’t much matter as we wanted another early night.


  • Route: Rotterdam to Woerden, via Gouda
  • Distance: 42km

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