Mainz to Offenbach


DAY 18 – Goodbye Rhine, hello Main! After roughly following the course of the Rhine river since entering Germany, it was time for the Rhine and us to part company. We rode to the point where the Main flows into the Rhine and began to follow the Main heading east towards Wertheim, some 150km away.

For those interested, the Main river is the one of the largest tributaries of the Rhine, and at 357 miles long, flows through the states of Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and Hesse.

The weather had brightened up and the sun came out for us as we followed the meandering course of the Main through the German countryside towards Frankfurt, where we arrived shortly after 1pm having covered the 40km in three hours, having passed the vineyards with vines bursting full of grapes, ready to be picked.

We didn’t feel like exploring Frankfurt with fully loaded bikes as it seemed to be very busy, being Saturday afternoon and all, so we found a little indoor market and bought an obligatory Frankfurter sandwich for lunch before pressing on to the campsite in Oberhausen.

We arrived at the campsite nice and early, and I looked forward to setting up the tent and having a relaxing afternoon, however Yami didn’t really like the vibe of the place, and to be honest I didn’t either, so we decided to cycle another 5km to the next campsite to stay there instead. Unfortunately when we arrived at the next campsite, it was closed, so we carried on to another site, another 3km away. This turned out to be a site for transitory workers and wasn’t a place for tourists, so we eventually cycled back to the first place we tried and camped there.

So our relaxing afternoon turned out to be shorter than planned, but we got everything set up and had dinner without incident, and although the facilities were a little shabby the place was safe and we managed to have a good nights rest.

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