Obernberg to Wertheim


DAY 20 – All fresh and dry from the hotel, we packed up and loaded everything onto the bike, and then it started to rain. We waited for it to stop before setting off towards Wertheim and although it remained grey, overcast and threatened to rain for a good while, we were lucky and managed to escape another drenching.

It would be our last day along the Main river, as we intended to begin head more cross country and follow the smaller Tauber river which flows from its inception near Rothenburg to where it flows into the Main at Wertheim.

We left Obernberg and quickly rejoined the path along the Main river, passing through the pretty village of Worth am Main shortly after. The landscape had been fairly flat the previous day, however as we progressed the hills began to rise up on both sides of the river, giving us something to look at and making the ride more interesting, especially as the path crossed and recrossed the river at several points.

The Germans have imposed their industrial spirit on the geography of the land, as in order to make the river navigable for the larger industrial barges to transport their wares, it has been converted into a canal with locks constructed at regular intervals along its length.

The path led us along the left bank of the river for most of the afternoon, through a very rural and peaceful area, however the cycle path runs alongside a train track, so the peace was occasionally disturbed as the passenger trains thundered by.

The day turned colder, but we warmed our bellies with our best lunch yet. A large slab of hot roasted pork stuffed into a freshly baked roll, purchased from a random butchers in a small town. Amazing.

 Our final river crossing of the day cane 5km before Wertheim and the bridge was a rickety old railway bridge which had a narrow pedestrian path bolted to the side. Yami doesn’t really like crossing bridges or standing on piers where she can see the ground between the cracks in the slabs, and had to dismount and walk her bike across without looking down. I hoped a train would pass as she was crossing to really spice things up, but she managed to get across just before a train came, and she looked on with amazement that trains actually still used this bridge.

We arrived in Wertheim around 3pm, set up our tent and organised ourselves before cycling into the city centre to buy supplies for dinner and have a quick look around.

Sausages, rice and beans for dinner, before settling into the tent for what promised to be a cold night.

2 thoughts on “Obernberg to Wertheim”

  1. There are some incredible little villages, they just looked like postcards….that day I was just saying I was hungry and less than 1 minute later we saw a stall along the river selling cheese, sausages and sandwiches, it doesn’t look wonderful but it was delicious that pork sandwich!!!

  2. I see it is getting colder….
    Are you up to schedule?

    P.s Pork sandwich looks delicious!))
    P.p.s Shakhtar – Chelsea 2:0 🙂

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