Offenbach to Obernberg


DAY 19 – After a decent sleep we woke to the sun shining directly onto the tent for the first time. Usually I have to pack the tent up still wet with morning dew, however this time I packed it up totally dry. Result. We ate our usual breakfast of oats and milk and began our second day of riding along the Main river in good spirits.

On leaving the campsite we got caught up in a local half marathon event, and had to crawl along with the hordes jogging along before we could escape that path and strt moving a bit quicker!

The good weather and good spirits lasted for a few hours until the sky came over overcast, the temperature dropped and the rain began to spit. I looked at the sky and thought that this was a day where once to started to rain, it wouldn’t stop, and in hindsight, I should have trusted my better judgment and called  an early finish to wait out the rain until the following day, however I’d planned to reach a campsite at Obernberg, and so we pushed on.

The ride, although not the most scenic was pleasant enough, following the banks of the river, through various towns and villages, but as it started to rain and we donned our waterproofs, the inevitable became reality and we got soaked! Without any campsites, and without much desire to camp in the rainy weather, we rode on until Obernberg, taking shortcuts along the roads where possible in order to avoid the constant switchbacks of the river and make the ride as quick as possible.

We arrived in Obernberg around 5pm and set about looking for a hotel for the evening. It took a while to find one that was open, and we were just about resigned to pitching the tent in the rain when we found an open hotel and checked in.

We spread everything out around the room and managed to get everything dry during the course of the night, and slept soundly in our bed, happy that we had escaped the rain for the night.

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