Rest Day In Arnhem


DAY 7 – After our longest day yet, we decided to treat ourselves to rest day in Arnhem. I found a temporary solution to the tent pole issue and we moved our things from the hostel into a nearby camping site and spent the day doing chores, like washing. I also managed to catch up with my diary for the blog, which I had neglected until that point.

We made an excursion to the centre of town to try and find a more permanent solution to the  tent pole problem, with the only real option being a hardware shop. No matter, the tent is good for the time being and we are approaching some big cities in Germany, so it can hold out for the time being.

I got the camping stove out for the first time and whipped up a pasta meal, something we’ll be eating a lot of in the weeks to come. All turned out pretty good, even if the chef does say so himself!

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  1. you will have to get creative as pasta is boring – but hoping people will send in their recipe’s to your blog..

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