The Rains Begin


DAY 9 – After starting to rain at 6pm the previous night, it didn’t stop. It rained all night, and all morning. Eventually, hunger got the better of us as we didn’t have enough food to stay where we were any longer. By sheltering under the awning of an unoccupied caravan we managed to pack everything up without it getting too wet, and loaded the bikes up to ride the 5km into Rees to find a hotel or room for the day as the rain didn’t appear to be stopping any time soon.

We rode the 5km into Rees and got soaked in the process. The waterproofs did their job, but I still resembled a drowned rat as I walked into the Tourist Information office to try and find out about cheap accommodation in the area. The guy who worked there did he best for us by making over ten phone calls to local hoteliers, however there must have been a special occasion in town as there was nothing at available.

Not wanting to camp that evening in the pouring rain, we decided to ride about 25km onto the next town, Wesel, to try our luck at finding somewhere to stay and dry out there. As luck would have it, as soon as we headed out of town the weather changed and the rain began to stop. Soon, the sun came out and together with a strong breeze our waterproofs were soon dry.

At around 2pm and about 5km short of Wesel we spotted a large campsite just off the road. he stiff breeze and the sky looking increasingly blue meant we would have a chance to dry the tent out, so we decided to camp.

We set up the tent and enjoyed the afternoon in the campsite which had good facilities and Yami was pleased too as she managed to get some washing done!

The wet start to the day improved to a totally blue sky by the time the sun went down, and we celebrated the change in the weather by breaking out the camping stove and cooking up another pasta feast! I even managed to get a few blog posts done in the evening before bed!


Route: 5km outside Rees to 5km outside Wasel – 25km

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