The Rains Return


DAY 10 – We woke up to the sound of raindrops falling onto the tent, however we were hopeful that history would repeat itself and that, as per the previous day, the morning rain would give way to afternoon sun. We again managed to pack up without soaking everything, and after a quick breakfast we set off into the morning rain.

We intended to ride about 60km into the city of Duisberg, just north of Dusseldorf, and we made good time in covering the 5km to Wesel. The rain cleared, however the skies remaining grey and overcast. The breeze of yesterday afternoon also remained, strengthening as the day went on, with some really strong gusts blowing at times.

We found our way out of the city and followed a route along the train tracks to the south for a while, before linking up the the K8 road that went straight into Duisberg. For the course of the day we switched between following the K8 and the dedicated bicycle paths, depending on which I could see at the time.

About 25km out of Duisberg, things began to get very interesting. We were following the K8 when I saw the dedicated cycle route sign for Duisberg. We turned of and began to follow this route, even though it wasn’t a nice smooth asphalt surface, but a gravel track.

It was about this point that it began to rain again. For the next hour or two we continued to follow the signs for the cycle route, which headed off onto a mixture of trails through parkland, along train lines and under motorway bridges. As we got closer to the city the directions became more and more difficult to follow and it seemed that the route was leading us a merry dance around the outskirts of the city.

Every few minutes we would lose the route and have to either backtrack or ask a passerby to point us in the direction of the city center. All the while the rain fell, gradually soaking us to the skin. I’m not sure why the route into Duisberg follows the path it does, as it passes through some areas of the city which don’t look too desirable.

Eventually after what seemed an eternity of riding through some dodgy looking areas we made it into the city center. Cold, tired, wet, hungry and with tempers frayed, a big argument ensued! After checking into a hotel, we began a long period of angry silence, which only subsided after we dried out and warmed up!

After a long tiring day we managed to find something to eat and had an early night in the comfort of a hotel bed, and all was right in the world once more!


  • Route: 5km outside Wasel to Duisberg
  • Distance: 65km

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