Ban Naxay to Vientiane


DAY 103 – With only 60km to Vientiane, we set off early and arrived by 11am. We were pleasantly surprised by the 20km downhill, downwind section into Vientiane which sped our journey. On arrival in the city, we popped into an internet cafe and checked emails to see if Victor and Grace had sent a message letting us know where they were staying.

They had, and we made our way to the Heuan Lao Guesthouse, where we found Victor and Grace and got a double room for a capital-city-inflated-price of 100,000 Kip (US$13).

I celebrated our arrival into Vientiane with a Beerlao, before we ventured out to find food in the city. We had been told that the city was pretty quiet, but I hadn’t expected it to be so quiet. Hardly a car, or even scooter, on the road. A complete change from Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Phnom Penh, the other capital cities we have visited on this trip.

Cycling almost 650km in the previous week had caught up with us and we felt very tired, so we spent the rest of the day eating and recuperating, intending to leave sightseeing to the following days. In fact I slept most of the afternoon, only waking in time to go out and find dinner before returning to the guesthouse.

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