Paksan to Ban Naxay


DAY 102 – With 147km to go until we reached Vientiane, it would be a little too far to complete in one day, so we decided to cycle to Ban Naxay, a town about 90km from Paksan, leaving us about 60km to Vientiane the following day.

We left Paksan at sunrise, stopping for breakfast of noodle soup where we watched the monks as they performed their morning walk around town, receiving food in exchange for a blessing.

As per the previous day, it was enjoyable cycling, but nothing much happened. We made good time along Highway 13, stopping every 20km or so for a drink or to shelter from the sun. After about 50km we passed through the town of Tha Bok, where we stopped to refuel with rice and eggs.

We arrived in Ban Naxay about 12pm and briefly considered carrying on to Vientiane, but quickly banished that thought and set about looking for a guesthouse. We passed one on the way into town, but carried on into the centre. The only other guesthouse we could find was very basic so we backtracked to the first one and checked in.

We waited out the heat of the day in the room before walking towards town, passing a couple of small restaurants full with off duty police. We sat down to eat and had a bit of a joke with the police, before heading back to the room for an evening of Breaking Bad.

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