Vieng Kham to Paksan


DAY 101 – With Victor needing to cover the 250km to Vientiane in two days, in time to arrange a bike box for his flight to Tehran, he and Grace decided to ride ahead past our destination of Paksan, thus leaving themselves with a 100-120km day the following day, so after breakfast we said our goodbyes and they rode off ahead. We caught them at a roadside shop just as they were leaving, but we stopped for a drink and they continued on.

We rode the 90km to Paksan in good time, reaching the town by 12:30pm. The ride was pleasant enough, along Highway 13 the whole way, although nothing major happened to report. In Paksan, we checked into a good guesthouse for 50,000 Kip and went straight out for lunch to a restaurant on the banks of the river, before trying to find some internet. As in other towns, we only managed to find one computer, in the offices of Lao Telecom. At 15,000 Kip (US$2) per hour, it was very expensive so we just sent an email to our respective families to let them know we were safe.

Too hot to do anything outdoors, we watched a couple of episodes of Breaking Bad in the afternoon before wandering out for food. For a while our prospects looked bleak, but we lucked into a place which served us a delicious noodle salad for 10,000 Kip (US$1.33) per plate.

All in all an enjoyable, productive and successful, but uneventful day.

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