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Category: Argentina

Random Photo (3): Esquel, Argentina

The third in the series of random photos from 11 months in Latin America comes from National Park Los Alerces in Chebut Province, Argentina. The park takes its name form the Alerce tree, which only grows in this part of the world. These trees are some of the oldest living trees in the world, some [...]

Salta: Hanging Out for Bolivia

Days 188 to 190 – Sunday 26th to Tuesday 28th March 2006 After the Saturday evenings events my Sunday was dintinctly quiet. Monday was only a little more active, I bought my ticket out of Argentina for the following evening, had a wander around town and watched Spurs beat West Brom.

Salta: Road Trip 2

Day 187 – Saturday 25th March 2006 Part two of The Road Trip started out with a very uninspiring vist to a cheese-making factory, but this was soon over and it was into the good bit. Between Cafayate and Salta there were numerous locations to stop and take in some of the most impressive scenery [...]

Cafayate: Ravines, Valleys and Mountains

Day 186 – Friday 24th March 2006 Once our hire car had arrived, we loaded our stuff uop and set off pretty much straight away on our two day, 550km road trip around the Calchaquies Valleys. We were three, myself and and an Israeli couple. Our transport was a VW Gol, equivalent to a Polo [...]

Salta: Back to Town Life

Days 184 & 185 – Wednesday 22nd & Thursday 23rd March 2006 To celebrate my success at leaving the town for the day, I had enjoyed a few beers the previous evening with 3 Swedish lads. It was due to this that I woke up late. Feeling a long way behind in both my diary [...]

Salta: Out of Town Experience

Day 183 – Tuesday 21st March 2006 Having made myself a promise to see more of nature and to get out of the towns, I explored my options and decided upon a little walking in the hills of the nearby village, San Lorenzo. I was informed there were a few decent trails and a waterfall [...]

Salta: Changing Travel Style

Day 182 – Monday 20th March 2006 Not particuarly enjoying the ricketiest bed in the world and the noisiest road in Salta I moved my things to a hostel down the road and went out to see some of he things I hadn’t bothered to see the day before as I had slept most of [...]

Salta: Hmm, Kind of Nothing

Day 181 – Sunday 19th March 2006 Having decided not to go out drinking I woke up full of beans at a relatively decent hour and made my way to the bus station in order to take a bus 6 hours north to Salta.

Tucuman: Driving Tour

Days 179 & 180 – Friday 17th & Saturday 18th March 2006 The overnight bus was an absolute pleasure, I arrived feeling pretty good and checked into a decent hostel with a dorm to myself. The town beckoned and I headed pretty much straight out to see it. As I reached the plaza the old [...]

Mendoza: Another Night on the Buses

Day 178 – Thursday 16th March 2006 After having a poor night out drinking in Mendoza, and then a bad mornings sleep I decided to leave the town, so bought a ticket for another overnight bus. This one would take me north to the town of Tucuman.

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