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Catamaran Cruise

by Roy on February 19, 2010

Last Sunday, Yami and I went on a catamaran cruise along the west coast of Barbados. We went on El Tigre, and had a really good day, with all food and drink included in the price.

Golf at Apes Hill

by Roy on February 5, 2010

I played my first 18-hole round at Apes Hill just before Christmas. As you can see from the photos, the course is nothing short of spectacular.

Walking Across Barbados

by Roy on February 3, 2010

Still dark when the alarm went off at 5:15am, I had second thoughts about joining in on the Great Railway Hike across Barbados. Organised annually by the Hike Barbados society, the hike follows roughly the old railway line, and runs (…)

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Flying From Barbados To Dominica

by Roy on January 8, 2010

Recently I had to go to nearby Dominica as part of work, and as luck would have it, the bosses private 4-seater plane was available, so I got to take a trip from Barbados via St Lucia in style. Here (…)

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Business Travel to Guyana

by Roy on July 28, 2009

A few weeks ago I travelled to Guyana on a few short trips with work. I stayed a few days each trip, the majority of the time spent in or around Georgetown, however we did travel to Linden, about 100km (…)

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