Walking Across Barbados

Still dark when the alarm went off at 5:15am, I had second thoughts about joining in on the Great Railway Hike across Barbados. Organised annually by the Hike Barbados society, the hike follows roughly the old railway line, and runs a distance of 24-miles from Bridgetown to St Andrews Church. The Barbados Railway, constructed in the 1800’s by the British, primarily served the sugar cane industry, transporting harvested cane from factory to Bridgetown.

After convincing myself and managing to get out of bed (waking up Yami in the process), we got organised, but still set off a little late, arriving in Independence Square, Bridgetown at about 6.10. Not a problem we thought, especially on a Sunday morning, as Bajan time would definitely be in effect. But there was no-one around. Either the walk had been cancelled, or they had left without us.

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