Dominica: Cricket in Roseau Botanical Gardens

Following on from my post on the West Indies Vs Australia Test Match, I thought I’d share some photos I took at a game of club cricket, held at the Botanical Gardens in Roseau. I’ve no idea who the teams were or how the match ended, but I know the batting team lost about five wickets for very few runs in the hour that I watched!

The botanical gardens are just across the road from Windsor Park Stadium, and in some photos you can see one of the stands.

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Dominica: West Indies Vs Australia

From April 23rd to April 27th Australia played their first – and only the second ever – Test Match at Windsor Park in Roseau. Throughout the match Australia always seemed to be on top, with West Indies managing the occasional fightback and winning a session or two. In the end however, a poor first innings batting display from the West Indies took its toll and the match ended with Australia winning by 75 runs, to take the series 2-0.

Overall the match was a great success. The cricket was entertaining, the crowds were large on each day, which was a bit of a surprise, especially considering the match was played from Monday to Friday during normal working hours, and the weather – which can be very unpredictable in Dominica – saw the rain stay away and sunshine prevail for the entire week.

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Dominica: Waitukubuli National Trail – Segment Four

“Where’s the bridge?” Yami asked in surprise as we looked across a ravine deep in the forest, somewhere near Pond Casse in the centre of the island. Two concrete bases had been constructed, one on either side of the ravine, for what was obviously going to be the bridge, when they eventually finished it. Unfortunately, nothing linked the two foundations and we needed to use the bridge at that moment, not eventually!

Where’s the rest of the path?” She continued, looking across to the concrete base on the other side of the ravine, as I surveyed the rope which hung precariously and led to the riverbed 40 feet below.

“I’m not sure.” I replied. “You hold on here and I’ll climb down and have a look.”

DSC 1362

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Dominica: A Drive in the North

As you may have noticed from photos on previous posts, Dominica is pretty mountainous. Whenever you go anywhere, its likely you’ll be either climbing or decending a hill or mountain. Whilst this makes for some interesting and windy roads, it also means there are viewpoints on almost every stretch of road.

On a clear day it is often possible to see the neighboring islands of Martinique to the south, as well as Guadeloupe and Marie Galante to the north.

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Dominica: Cabrits National Park

When we first arrived in Dominica, Yami and I went up to Portsmouth, which is the main town in the north of the island. Cabrits is a national park just north of the town. The British established a garrison here and maintained it through the 18th and 19th centuries, as they believed it to be a good strategic point to defend the North of Dominica from the French. The main site has recently been restored, and now hosts various functions through the year. but the majority of the buildings have been reclaimed by nature.

A local historian has a good site which tells the story of the Cabrits, from the geological formation to present day. Read it here.

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Dominica: Waitukubuli National Trail – Segment One

The past year has seen the opening of a new hiking trail in Dominica – the Waitukubuli National Trail (named after the indigenous ‘Carib’ Indians word for Dominica). The trail website gives the following description:

The Waitukubuli National Trail (WNT) is 184 km (115 miles) long and is made up of fourteen (14) segments. It runs from the southern village of Scott’s Head to the Cabrits National Park in the North, and comprises a series of trail networks.

One Saturday morning, Yami and I hiked the first of the 14 segments – from Scott’s Head to Soufriere.

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