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Category: Chile

Random Photo (2): Torres Del Paine

The second in the series of photos highlighting good trips in Latin America comes from Torres del Paine in Chilean Patagonia, where I trekked the “W” route for 5 days. The park is a world biosphere reserve and is home to a huge amount of plant and animal species, as well as snow capped mountain [...]

Mendoza: Traversing the Andes

Day 175 – Monday 13th March 2006 Wanting to get back to Argentina I needed to take a 7 hour bus trip to Mendoza. This journey involved crossing the Andes mountain range. I had heard this was a spectacular road and therefore I decided to make the trip during the day so I could appreciate [...]

Santiago: Parades and Concerts

Day 174 – Sunday 12th March 2006 I wanted to return to Argentina on the following day, which left me about 8 hours to see Santiago before the Oasis concert began in the evening. Whistlestop tour it would have to be, but that is better than nothing. As I walked along a street leading to [...]

Santiago: New Town, New Government

Day 173 – Saturday 11th March 2006 After travelling for 24 hours mas o menos the only thing I wanted was a bed. As I arrived in Santiago at 7am I wasn’t able to properly check-in to a hostel until a bit later, so I settled down in the TV room and used their couch [...]

Osorno: Bussing & Waiting

Day 172 – Friday 10th March 2006 The huge distances between points of interest in Argentina means a lot of time is spent on buses going from town to town. That is unless you want to fly, which works out a tad too expensive. So with the Oasis concert in mind I set out from [...]

Torres del Paine: Leaving, But Not In Paine

Days 158 & 159 – Friday 24th & Saturday 25th February 2006 The final day of hiking began late, as all I had to do was walk 2 hrs downhill to be picked up by the bus which would take me back to Puerto Natales. I could have chosen to get up at 4am and [...]

Torres del Paine: Day the After the Night Before

Day 157 – Thursday 23rd February 2006 Having been ill the day before I was a little bit concerned about overexcerting myself and making myself ill again, so I decided to take it a bit easier. It being the 4th day as well my feet were beginning to feel the heat. Thus the first hour [...]

Torres del Paine: French Valley & Beyond

Day 156 – Wednesday 22nd February 2006 Despite waking up a few times in my tent I managed to get a reasonable nights sleep, and the sleeping bag passed the test. I woke at around seven thirty, packed up and left the campsite about an hour to begin a long days walking.

Torres Del Paine: Paine Grande

Day 155 – Tuesday 21st February 2006 I woke up slightly stiff, but after 10 hours sleep I felt good and ready for another hike. The only hike I had to do for the day was to make my way back down to campsite Paine Grande (where I had got off the catamaran the day [...]

Torres Del Paine: Glacier Grey

Day 154 – Monday 20th February 2006 I woke up half an hour before my alarm and lay awake wondering if I had forgotten anything for my 5 day trek to the Torres del Paine National Park. It was a pretty futile exercise as at 6am even if I had forgotten anything I wouldn’t have [...]

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