Welcome to the website. Here you'll find the diary of a backpacking trip through Latin America, musings on life, living as an expat in the Caribbean, as well as plans for a bicycle tour through Europe and beyond.

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Category: Colombia

Panama & San Blas Islands

Days 265 to 281 – Sunday 11th to Tuesday 27th June 2006 I flew back to Panama, spent a week with Yami and returned to Cartagena. I then tried to go south to Medellin, but the buses were a little bit of a problem due to the FARC in the region, so I decided to [...]

Cartagena de Indias

Days 256 to 265 โ€“ Friday 2nd to Sunday 11th June 2006 Where the blog left off, I had just arrived in Cartagena. I arrived on the Thursday evening and I had a flight to Panama booked for the following Sunday. For whatever reason I decided to hang around the city for the weekend, and [...]


Hmm well, wow. Two years have passed since I wrote my last piece on this blog. Two years! I have been thinking about what to do with the website for a while, and in browsing I decided that even before I can think about what to do next I have to finish the first piece [...]

Taganga: Bye to Sweden, Hello to Shakira

Day 255 โ€“ Thursday 1st June 2006 Check out was 11am. Come 10.45 we rolled out of bed and quickly tried to pack our things up and leave. I decided that I wanted to go to Cartagena and hang around there for the 10 days until my flight to Panama, so it would be goodbye [...]

Taganga: Beach

Day 254 โ€“ Wednesday 31st May 2006 Waking up again a little fragile, it was straight into the sea to clear the head. The cooling water worked its magic yet again, and that together with the fruit juices made me feel almost human again.

Taganga: Hard Times

Day 253 – Tuesday 30th May 2006 It is amazing how a little dip in the sea can clear your head after a night on the rum! For that reason the sea was my first port of call after rolling out of bed mid morning. Then it was fruit smoothie time and more reading and [...]

Taganga: Adios Aaron & Jon

Day 252 – Monday 29th May 2006 Aaron and Jon had to get to Bogota for their flight to Rio via Santiago before heading back to England, and they wanted to see a few places in Colombia along the way, so in order to have sufficient time to make it worth stopping and seeing they [...]

Taganga: Local Produce

Day 251 – Sunday 28th May 2006 Not a day of much action, it was mainly sitting around & reading, interspersed with a dash of swimming and football on the beach. I went out for the obligatory fruit smoothie breakfast and of course the fish lunch, just to break up the hardship of sitting on [...]

Taganga: The Atlas Finished at Last

Day 250 – Saturday 27th May 2006 Waking up with enforced freshness (due to no alcohol sales) I made my way to the beach. That took me all of ten seconds as I walked out of my hotel, down 5 steps and there I was. Then it was straight into the water to cool off.

Santa Marta: Tayrona National Park

Days 247 to 249 – Wednesday 24th to Friday 26th May 2006 In reality after getting to bed at 5am, an 8am start was never going to happen. I thought we all did well to get up at 9am and start preparations for our trip to Parque Nacional Tayrona, the pristine Caribbean beach where we [...]

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