Copacabana: At the Copa…..

Days 210 & 211 – Monday 17th & Tuesday 18th April 2006

I got up early to watch Spurs and Man Utd, but wish I hadn’t bothered. Afterwards got to take the piss out of the Swedes who had left the following day but had to return as they had no money and there were no ATM’s in Copacabana. After the football we all packed up and caught a bus to Lago Titicaca, the highest lake in the world.

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La Paz: Flying the Flag

Days 208 & 209 – Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th April 2006

Not much to report from these two days, Saturday was spent running around oding various bits and bobs. About the most interesting of these was trying to get little babges of the flags of countires I have visisted so far sewn onto my backpack. I have seen a few people with these flags on their bags and I liked the idea so I made the effort to get it done myself.

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La Paz: Feeling the Altitude

Days 205 to 207 – Wednesday 12th to Friday 14th April 2006

As we had celebrated Robin’s 21st the night before (albeit in his absence as he was sleeping of the effects of the top shelf) it was a fairly slow start to the day. Once we had acquired some breakfast and woken up our first port of call was to a viewpoint over the city, Killi Killi. Situated in the middle of the city it gave panoramic views of the basin in which La Paz is set.

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La Paz: Danger, Danger Everywhere

Day 204 – Tuesday 11th April 2006

Meeting for breakfast at 7am before setting out to the starting point of our 64km downhill bike ride I was little groggy but looking forward to the day ahead. With the repuation as the worlds most dangerous road, the route fell over 3,500m in the 64km – from 4,800m to 1,100m ASL. We booked through the oldest and supposedly most safety concious tour operator, Gravity Assisted Mountain Biking.

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La Paz: Accomplishments and Judgements

Days 202 & 203 – Sunday & Monday 9th & 10th April 2006

After the coldest overnight bus in the world we arrived in La Paz shivering and in need of some food, a hotel and cup of coffee. It took a while but we eventually managed to acquire all three and we could get on with the day, which was spent organising odds and ends and booking our bike ride down the worlds most dangerous road. After accomplishing most of what we set out to do we treated ourselves to Burger King!

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Potosi: Mining Town

Days 198 & 199 – Wednesday 5th & Thursday 6th April 2006

After arriving in Potosi at 2am and having to search around for a place to kip, we slept in a bit. First it was a stop in a SalteƱa restuarant where we hungrily devoured two of the cornish pasty type treats, before we headed to a travel agency to book a trip to the infamous mines of Potosi for the following morning.

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