Chetumal: Leaving Mexico

Days 59 & 60 – 17th November & 18th November 2005

I woke up on Thursday with the intention of sitting on the beach all day, then using the internet during the early part of the evening before catching an overnight bus to Chetumal, through Belize to Flores in Guatemala. The plan began well, I caught the 9am shuttle to the beach had a swim and sat down to read for a while.

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Tulum: Golf Anyone?

Days 57 & 58 – Tuesday 15th & Wednesday 16th November 2005

After a surprisingly easy 15 hour journey from Palenque, James & I arrived at our destination of Tulum at around midday. Tulum is a town roughly 150km south of Cancun on the Yucatan Pennisular and is popular becaue of its sublime beaches and spectacularly located Mayan ruins.

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Palenque: Agua Azul

Day 56 – Monday 14th November 2005

About two hours drive from Palenque are three natural water feaures. These are known as Agua Azul (Blue Water), Agua Clara (Clear Water) and Misol Ha (No idea). I joined a tour to visit all three in a day. Misol Ha was first stop. Apparently this waterfall was used as a backdrop in the film Predator but I couldn’t remember which bit. Perhaps someone could enlighten me.

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Palenque: They're Ruined

Day 55 – Sunday 13th November 2005

As we were staying 400m from the entrance to Palenque it was a pretty easy decision when someone asked ‘what shall we do today?’.

Palenque is an ancient Mayan city & its ruins are considered by many to be the most important and impressive ruins in all of Mexico. This probably has something to do with their location in the middle of the jungle, at the very point where the hills rise out of the plains of the Gulf Coast.

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San Cristobal: Learning New Things

Day 52 – Thursday 10th November 2005

They say you learn something new every day. Today I learned that if I had been born in a Mayan culture, I probably would have had a swollen penis as a child. I learned this interesting fact in the Mayan Medicine Development Centre, which I visited in the morning.

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