San Juan Del Sur: Staying on the Beach

Days 122 & 123 – Thursday 19th & Friday 20th January 2006

The two Argies left early on Thursday morning, one to go to Bluefields on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua and the other to meet his sister in Costa Rica, so I was left on my own. I couldnĀ“t stay in the same hotel as it was a three-bed room and frankly it was a shithole, so I moved my things into the hostel down the road.

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San Juan Del Sur: Surfs Up

Day 121 – Wednesday 18th January 2006

The town of San Juan del Sur is a mecca for the surfers of Nicaragua. Not because of the flat waters in the bay, but due to the waves that crash onto the shorelines of the beaches to the north and south of San Juan. The Argies and I decided to check out one of the playas along the coast, not as surfers, but just beach dudes.

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San Juan del Sur: Seeing the Pacific Again

Day 120 – Tuesday 17th January 2006

I woke up at 5.45am ready to climb the volcano, however when I looked outside I saw the sky was covered from horizon to horizon in cloud. I didn’t really feel up to that much exercise so it was bit of a relief, as there would be no point in climbing for 5 hours not to be able to see anything.

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Omotepe: Back to Nature

Day 119 – Monday 16th January 2006

It was a beautiful morning on the island of Omotepe and after a traditional rice and bean breakfast the two Argies, the Aussie and myself ventured out to the playa. however instead of stopping there we carried on following the trail that led off towards Charco Verde, a lagoon in the middle of an island, in the middle of a lake.

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Granada: Finally Splitting from the Black Rats

Day 118 – Sunday 15th January 2006

It had to happen eventually. I had to leave the Black Rats behind. We had left two of them in Utila the week previously, and there remained Angus, Ryan, Rivo and myself. They were not going any further south than Nicaragua and I obviously needed to get to Panama, so the day came when I needed to get a move on and do some sight seeing before having to make my way south.

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Granada: A Great Way to Spend Friday

Day 116 – Friday 13th January 2006

Almost 30 minutes east of Granda lies a volcanic lake, formed in much the same time way as Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. This lake is named Laguna de Apoyo. The owners of The Bearded Monkey also owned a hostel on the banks of Laguna Apoyo and they ran day trips there for US$7 a head. After Atitlan we knew that it wouldn’t be as impressive (I think that any lake in the world would be hard pressed to match the beauty of Atitlan), but we decided to go anyway for a day of swimming in the fresh waters.

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