Penonomé & Toabré

During the week, Yami invited me to spend a day with her at her clinic, in the tiny hamlet of Toabré in the hills outside Penonome. In order for dentists and doctors to receive permission from the government to work as medical professionals in Panama, upon completion of their degree/doctorates, they must complete two years as an intern, which basically involves working for the Ministry of Health in the ‘interior’ of Panama (i.e in the country, away from Panama City). New dentists and doctors are assigned clinics in which they will work, and are provided accommodation.

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Panama & San Blas Islands

Days 265 to 281 – Sunday 11th to Tuesday 27th June 2006

I flew back to Panama, spent a week with Yami and returned to Cartagena. I then tried to go south to Medellin, but the buses were a little bit of a problem due to the FARC in the region, so I decided to take another route, via boat from Colombia back to Panama. The trips are organised regularly, and sailed whenever there were enough people on-board. I called the Captain of one boat, arranged my ticket, and as luck would have it, we sailed the next day (Thurs 22nd June).

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Panama City: The Races

Day 138 – Saturday 4th February 2005

I am turning into my Dad. For my third date with Yami, we found ourselves at the Hippodrome, the horse racing course in Panama City. Many a time have I heard my mum saying how my Dad used to drag her to the dogs when they were first together, and here I was, third date with Yami, at the races.

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