Penonomé & Toabré

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During the week, Yami invited me to spend a day with her at her clinic, in the tiny hamlet of Toabré in the hills outside Penonome. In order for dentists and doctors to receive permission from the government to work as medical professionals in Panama, upon completion of their degree/doctorates, they must complete two years as an intern, which basically …


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Days 282 to 293 – Wednesday 28th June to Sunday 9th July 2006 I arrived in Panama City in mid afternoon, and didn’t want to travel out to Penonome that same day so I checked in at Zuly’s, the hostel I stayed at back in February, and caught up with goings on in the World Cup, before heading to Penonome …

Panama & San Blas Islands

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Days 265 to 281 – Sunday 11th to Tuesday 27th June 2006 I flew back to Panama, spent a week with Yami and returned to Cartagena. I then tried to go south to Medellin, but the buses were a little bit of a problem due to the FARC in the region, so I decided to take another route, via boat …

Panama City: Adios Central America

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Day 140 – Monday 6th February 2006 My time in Central America was up. I had my flight at 6pm, and spent most of the day with Yami saying goodbye and dragging her around the city trying to get a few things done before heading to the ariport.

Panama City: Superbowl Sunday

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Day 139 – Sunday 5th February 2006 The late nights and not being able to sleep cauht up with me on Sunday, and I didn’t have the energy to do much. Therefore I didn’t. I just lazed around my hostel reading and sleeping.