the day has arrived

Its about two and a half hours before I leave to go to the airport. Didn’t sleep too well last night, and feel quite nervous!

The leaving party on Friday evening went well, thanks to Mum, Dad and Roz for organising it – and no Roz, I won’t forget you!

Thanks also to the boys (Pete, Rowlands, Bucko, Ballsy, Sam, Flan and Lego Man, a.k.a Thomo) for a top quality evening out in London on Saturday.

Thats about it for now. Stay tuned.


I am officially unemployed. I finished last Thursday, and I must say that after two working days of being unemployed, its great!

We leave two weeks tomorrow, I’ve just ordered my malaria drugs, and I’m working out what other things I need but haven’t got. No last minute panics just yet, but to be honest, it isn’t really the last minute.

Thats all I have to say for the moment, thought I’d post just to keep things ticking over.

final week of commuting

Although I haven’t posted anything on here in a while, the trip is still going to happen.

This is my last full week at work. I handed my notice in at the start of the month and my last working day is the 1st Sept. Work were pretty cool about the whole thing and have said that when I get back, I should give them a call and if there are any jobs available they may be able to sort me out with something, which is a bonus. Its an option anyway.

Its less than a month until the whole thing kicks off, and ever more increasingly I seem to be awake at 3am, worrying about stupid little things, but I’m putting all those nerves down to an eager anticipation, rather than dread.

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team usa

There have been changes to the plan. I am to be joined in the US by at least one, and possibly three mates. We are going to fly to New York, spend four nights there (frequenting a club named PopBurger), then its off to Las Vegas for three nights, staying in the Stratosphere Hotel & Casino. From Vegas its a 4/5/6 hour drive in a rental car to Los Angeles, where we’ll spend two nights before heading down to San Diego for another two nights. I think thats 11 nights in all. From San Diego the lads will head back to New York to fly home and I will catch a bus down into Baja Califonia.

Roll on September……

job offer and decision

A couple of weeks ago I recieved a phone call from an employment agency specialising in international recruitment. They had an interesting position in Dubai for someone of my age and experience. Excellent I said, lets give it a whirl, see what they’re offering. Anyway to cut a long story short, I went for an interview and have been offered the job.

What shall I do?

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